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    How many of us deprive ourselves of experiencing fun because there are “more important things” to get done?

    My goal each night on "The Racin' Mason Dixon Show" is to create fun for me, my guests and the viewers. See how I put myself first in that statement? That's me applying #7 in this Top 10 list. If you apply some of this advice, you too will experience more fun in 2021!

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    Happy 2021! I wrote my first ebook! Look around. Don't you think we could all stand to have more fun in 2021? Well my book is here to help all y'all do that. I put it in an easy to read Top 10 format and it even comes with My Uncle Cliff's notes, a printable red, white and blue reminder poster and colorful pages! I packed it all into 16 pages of FUN content! (I can count the front cover as a page, right?) I even include some SPOILER ALERT! bonus content! Are you ready to have fun? Great! Click the RED BUTTON above to get your free ebook. If it doesn't make it to your IN BOX, be sure to check your spam and junk mail folders.